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"After Kerstin's class, I came back twice the following week to take all of the other classes she was teaching.  I have never gone to the same yoga instructor 3x in the same week (in fact, I don't think i've been to the same yoga instructor 3x ever, except for my one fateful summer with Bikram Yoga).

She is energetic, positive, explains positions exceptionally well, encouraging. Great attitude and easy going.  Ace instructor. 

- Frank golding, former youtube executive, new york

Kerstin's classes are very focused on posture and breathing and help you to achieve different poses in a safe and confident way. I have several back issues and Kerstin's Forrest classes always make me feel safe.

I never understood yoga poses this well before and that completely changed the way I practice!

-Mariana BACELAR, LOndon

"Through Kerstin's classes I've come to understand that yoga is not about "getting" somewhere, but rather about attaining a level of joy and peacefulness, through finding awareness in each pose of every practice! I've attended classes of hers in both Cape Town and London."

- Rico Quintas, cape town